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How do I find magazines?

We don’t advertise a catalog online. We provide three options:
1. You can request an updated price list via our contact form.
2. You can send us a list of titles and get a price quote.
3. If you are unsure of the titles to choose, we can give you ideas (and pre-packaged deals)

What kind of subscriptions are available and for how long?

Order New, Renewal and Gift subscriptions for 1-3 years. Renew all your subscriptions on one single form yearly. Ignore the renewal notices from publishers and other solicitors.

Already Have A Subscription?

Renew magazines you bought from anyone (us, the publisher, or another company). We send out renewal reminders according to your needs. We can send them in 60-day, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual periods. Renew in advance by up to 9 months to lock in current rates. Don’t pay more if rates go up.

Are there any shipping charges or sales tax?

NO additional USA shipping charges. For Canada you can see shipping costs on your invoice. Note that all Canadian must be reconfirmed by phone or reply email before your order can be processed.

How long will it take for my subscription to start?

Orders are sent weekly to publishers. They require 6-12 weeks to start up a new subscription. The main reason for the delay is publishers may print address labels up to 2 months ahead of time. Most subscriptions start within 8-9 weeks.

This is how long it should take for your subscription to begin arriving:
• Weekly magazines: 2-8 weeks
• Biweekly magazines: 6-11 weeks
• Monthly magazines: 6-12 weeks
• Bimonthly magazines: 6-12 weeks
• Quarterly magazines: 6-12 weeks

Getting Your First Issue:

If the first issue of your magazine subscription does not arrive within 12 weeks, let us know. You will always receive the full term of a paid subscription except if the magazine ceases publication in the middle of your term. We cannot start a subscription on a certain date because that is up to the publisher.

Delivery problem?

We do not ship the magazines directly. They are sent by each publisher’s fulfillment house. Want to check on an order? Use our online order tracking tool. Missed any issues? Contact us with your order number and contact information and the magazine. We will ensure you are credited for missed copies.

Safe Transactions.

We process secure credit card transactions utilizing encrypted technology. We also accept checks, ACH transactions, electronic deposits and money orders. We use a server designed for taking secure orders online. Just look for the lock on your browser when ordering.

Credit Card Protection Requirements.

To avoid fraud, we validate the purchaser address on credit card orders to verify that the credit card account number matches the name and address on your billing statement.

Ordering Online.

  • Fill in your billing name/address that matches your credit card statement.
  • Fill in Recipient (name/address) details for each subscription.
  • Proofread the information and Submit Your Order to complete the purchase.
  • You will receive an email notification confirming the acceptance of your order.
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