Magazines for Companies with Reception Areas

We supply magazine subscriptions for company reception areas. It’s a pretty simple business. We have a catalog of pretty much all the popular titles. You select what you need. We get them delivered direct from the publishers. You pay less. Customers are happy and avoid getting frustrated waiting for their meetings.

We can pack a waiting room for under $100 a year.

Isn’t that worth impacting your customer satisfaction ratings and affecting your overall business reputation.

Here’s why you can benefit immediately

  • Orders subscriptions to magazines and newspapers.
  • Get lower prices than publicly available.
  • Consolidate different titles at one time.
  • Choose the magazines that fit best.
  • Package deals already preconfigured for your business.
  • 24/7 online access to your orders.
  • Renew yearly at one time.

Request a price quote today;

  • Call, fax or email us
  • Fill out a quote form online.
  • Ordering more than 10 copies of any titles? Let us know.
  • Within 2 hours on weekdays we’ll be in touch.
  • Get a new business starter account instantly.

Do You Order Magazines for Multiple Locations?

  • Receive even further discounts for your company. Work with a personal support person who is assigned to your account. Our instant welcome package helps you to easily place orders.
  • We are the Burger King of convenience when it comes to placing orders. Subscribe by phone, fax, email or online. And payment methods include company check, direct deposit, ACH transactions, Paypal, and credit cards. We also accept purchase orders.
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